A guesthouse for 300 years

Before the location got its proper name "Gasthof zum Hirschen" in 1703, from 1599 it was called "zum Schermesser im Niederdorf". The name "guesthouse" allows the assumption that even back then, the house provided simple accommodations. In the book "Die Strassennamen der Stadt Zürich" (The street names of Zurich), Mr. Paul Guyer, responsible for the archives, says that the Hirschengasse got its name 1769, the Spitalgasse (hospital street) 1865.

The demolition of the hospital in 1877 in front of the hotel and the pharmacy gave way for a lot of spare space which is called Hirschenplatz since 1917.

In 1910 a new hall with stage that still exists today was put in the Hirschen and the legendary Cabaret Federal started playing. Later followed the Cabaret Cornichon which became just as famous. In the beginning of the eighties until 1997 the hall was used for live concerts (jazz, salsa, later rock).

Welcome at the Hotel Hirschen

As we have been accommodating guests in our hotel ever since the 14th century, the Hotel Hirschen is one of the oldest hotels in Zürich and among the best choices for those who appreciate the traditional flair and the perfect location.

We consider our priority to preserve the tradition of spoiling our guests,
and to convey the feeling of heartiness and hospitality, offering an above average service to our guests.

We warmly invite you to come around and enjoy the unique medieval ambience of our house.

It would be a delight to have the pleasure to welcoming you soon at the Hotel Hirschen!

Silvia Mohn and the Hirschen Team

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Historische Weinschenke

151x131-weinschenke-kerzenÜber alte Steine, erhellt von Kerzen, führt der Weg

in einen spätmittelalterlichen Raum, den man über einen verglasten Sodbrunnen von 1340 betritt, der noch heute von Grund­wasser gespiesen wird und funktioniert. Dieser sakral anmutende Gewölbekeller


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